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Dream between the sound machine...

...walk the path that warped my brain

11 December 1972
Who is Geoff?

I used to ask myself that exact same question when I was a teenager. I still haven't found a concise ehough answer to put in here. I'm like a lot of other people in that I can't talk about myself unless there is someone there asking me questions. The slightly sadistic, yet ever so lovable inquisitivejade came up with 100 questions for me to answer. I have yet to finish answering them. Once I do, expect a link to all of them posted here.

I know, that still doesn't tell you much about me. Well I'm just a big geeky dork. I work as a "Technical Support Representative" for a large "fruity" computer company and I actually enjoy it the majority of the time. At home, I do minor interesting (to me) things with my computer, such as tweak my OS of choice (which is currently Ubuntu 6.06. I am slowly converting to as much open source software as it is, because it's "cutting edge" and I like to take risks. (Actually the reason is because it tends to be more stable and cheaper. Cheaper=free, by the way.)

I've just started using the amaroK music player (only available for Linux distro's right now) and really like it. It has built-in support for Last.fm which is a free online music community. It tracks the music I play on my computer and comes up with recommendations on other artists/songs/albums I may like based on what other people with similar tastes are listening to. The recently played list below is automagically updated by Last.fm.

Other things I enjoy are coffee with friends at Denny's, sci-fi/fantasy movies/novels, spending time with 27stories (my girlfriend) and our "small zoo", chatting with my online friends, and playing Guild Wars & Factions.

I made my LJ Friends-Only because someone I had business dealings with ended up harassing me through it, and I aim to keep it that way now. If you'd like to see what's inside it, click on the Friends Only banner you see. :)

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