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New Windows XP look
New Windows XP look

Here's a (bad) thumbnail of how I have Windows XP looking now. Click it to link to the larger version. Then click the "Full size" link below the larger version to get the full-sized version. :) I do have a dual monitor desktop so some scrolling may be necessary...

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Your journal is gone again :(
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In one of the free boxes of computer stuff I got I received versions 4 & 5 of Dragon Naturally Speaking. For those that don't know, Dragon Naturally is speech recognition software. I posted them on the local Freecycle network and have had three people (so far) respond to the post.

  1. One woman wants it for her husband who is a "hunt and pecker" (her words, not mine :P)

  2. The next from a woman who has a son with a learning disability. Basically, he has a huge vocabulary but can't use it when writing. Apparently his psychologist says he has the words, and can use them orally, but he can't write it out the way he would say or think it.

  3. Finally we have a person with Multiple Sclerosis who thinks it would help her out a lot.

I've narrowed it down to one of the last two, but I'm not sure who to give it to. So YOU get to decide! You have until midnight tonight vote in the poll below. And what the heck, I'll even make this a public post and you can get all your friends to help make up my mind!

Poll #739527 Make up my mind: Who gets Dragon Naturally?

You should definitely give it to:

The woman with MS.
The boy with the LD.

Thanks in advance for the help. :)

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To whom it may concern,

Let us inform you that MNS, Inc starts a new project in the USA and is looking for a reliable, well-motivated and well-executive person to take care of the project’s needs. The job requires a flexible schedule shift.

According to this fact we are offering you a position of the Executive Manager of MNS, Inc. If you are interested in starting business activity or searching a secure managing job, please response this message for more detailed description of the opportunity with your CV or Resume attached to the message.

Please forward all your questions and comments to info@ms-juice.com

With due respect,
Human resources department of MNS, Inc.

I am SO taking this unsolicited, arrived-in-email, poor grammar, unsigned job offer! I TOTALLY TRUST random unsolicited, unsigned emails that use poor grammar and send job offers to random people across cyberspace!


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[public post]

Get Legal - Get OpenOffice.org

Is your office software legal? According to figures published by Microsoft, 35% of the software in the world is thought to be counterfeit or otherwise illegal.

After years of unofficially tolerating piracy as a means of securing market share, Microsoft is now going on the offensive to make sure copies of it's software are legitimate.
  • It has just bought a software company specialising in detecting what software is installed on PCs.
  • It is now using the internet to put piracy detection software into copies of MS-Office on people's PCs.
  • around the world, the Business Software Alliance is setting up schemes to prosecute offenders - for example, in the UK it is offering large cash rewards to anyone who informs against organisations.
  • Microsoft's licence agreements are complicated - it's easy to break them by mistake.
If you have a copy of MS-Office at work, at school, at home - are you sure where it came from?

Fortunately, there is a completely legal and free alternative. OpenOffice.org 2 is a fully-featured office suite, similar in functionality to MS-Office. OpenOffice.org 2 does everything you need: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and much more. It can even use MS-Office format files (.doc, .xls, .ppt), so you don't need to re-type your work. What's more, it does things MS-Office does not, such as create pdf files to give to other people.

If you can use MS-Office, you can use OpenOffice.org 2. Studies have shown it is ten times cheaper to move to OpenOffice.org 2 than it is to upgrade to MS-Office 2007.

A poll has indicated 86% of users would prefer to try OpenOffice.org 2 rather than buy MS-Office 2007.

So what are you waiting for? It costs nothing to try. If you like it, OpenOffice.org 2 costs nothing to use for as long as you like, wherever you like. Peace of mind at no cost.

Get legal. Get OpenOffice.org

All in all, I'm quite happy with OpenOffice.org. The switch from MS Office to Open Office.org is an easy one. The program inside OpenOffice.org are set up pretty much the same as Othe ones in Office. After using it for a little while, the few changes there are made more sense to me and ended up being seeming a little more intuitive to me. And since OpenOffice.org is capable of opening and saving files in Office formats, you don't need to worry about having to recreate your documents, or worry about your documents being compatible with someone who is using Office. OpenOffice.org also allows you to export your files as .pdf files. With Office, you need to pay extra for that plug-in.

Anyway, I'm slowly moving over to a more Open Source outlook on software. Not only is it going to save me money, but I feel a little better knowing I'm not "stealing" software. I do still have a little bit of a way to go before I'm completely legal, but I'm working on it.

So, what other open source software am I using right now?

  1. I'm switching over from Photoshop CS to the GIMP. If you're already familiar with Photoshop, then you're mostly familiar with the GIMP. There's a tiny learning curve as not everything is handled the exact same (layers, for example) but in general they have the same features.
  2. I've used IrfanView for quite a while as a slightly more than basic image viewer. With it you can view, optimize, convert, scan, print, create slideshows and so on, with almost any image format available. It's not really open source software, but it is freeware.
  3. GnuCash is a program I bumped into recently, but haven't had a chance to test. It's an open source accounting program similar to either Quicken or Quickbooks. The newest versions add support for small business accounting. I should mention that right now it's not available for Windows, but is available for *nix versions and Mac's.
  4. I've been using AVG Free Edition for a couple or more years now. It doesn't bog down your system anywhere as much as Norton or McAfee products and I have had one whole virus on my computer in the years I've been using AVG. And I've explored many a questionable website in search of keygens and pirated software. AVG is another piece of software that isn't open source, but is freeware.
  5. Operating systems are another group of highly pirated pieces of software. How many people who's computer didn't come with XP are actually running XP? Or any other version of Windows? I am now spending more time in Ubuntu than I am in XP. One bonus to that is that the various versions of Linux are more secure and less prone to viruses. Another bonus is the fact that they're fully functional operating systems and are less costly than XP. Ubuntu is free, and there are other free ones out there as well.
    The only issue I'm having with Ubuntu is that I can't get my media players to connect to my music across a network.. and that's more because I know nothing about connecting to SMB servers. Once I learn how to set up a good Linux file server that XP and OS X (because Mel bought a 'new-to-her' iBook) can connect to, I'll switch the file server over to Linux and no more issue. :)
    I think the main thing that is keeping the Linux OSs from going completely main stream is that they're not easy enough to use and setup for your average computer user. If they went mainstream then I'm quite sure many software manufacturers would make more software that ran natively in Linux.... but I digress... :o)
Anyway, open source software is good... pirating is bad. Mind you, until they make a version of Guild Wars that runs on Ubuntu, I'm kind of stuck using XP. Heck... I may even need to buy a legit copy of it... Click the OpenOffice.org button up there, read about it, and then install it on your computer. I think you'll like it. :o)

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So I was working on the website, and watching some videos when Fine Again by Seether came on. It's an interesting video and it gave me an idea for this series of icons. I've got just shy of 30 I want to do, but I only finished these 18Collapse )

If you want, you can view the video here.

Also, if you have any ideas that would fit the series, please let me know.

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I'm tired of the small DVD collection Mel and I have. I've seen everyone at least 3 times... most of them more than that. Recommend some DVDs that you enjoy. A brief synopsis and/or why you enjoyed it would be helpful, too.

For reference sake, I enjoy action (I'm a guy, after all), sci-fi/fantasy (I'm a dork, after all), post-apocalyptic (mmmm... Damnation Alley), horror, vampire and zombie flicks (they shouldn't always fall under the horror genre). That is by no means an exhaustive list as I enjoy pretty much *anything* with a good story. So feel free to recommend *any* movie you enjoyed.

Thanks. :)

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[public post]

I updated to Thunderbird 1.5 yesterday and after a reboot neither THunderbird NOR Firefox could connect to the internet. Thunderbird gave me the typical "Cannot connect to [insert mail server here]." and Firefox gave me this:
Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at [insert webpage here].

* Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

I Googled and tried every suggestion that I could find and not a single one of them worked. I uninstalled/installed each program one at a time and nothing. I uninstalled/reinstalled both at the same time and nothing. I even uninstalled, removed profile directories, cleaned registry, rebooted, then reinstalled. Still nothing.

So I have to admit that I'm stumped. Has anyone else come across anything about this? It's not my internet connection since *anything* (ie IE, GAIM, Yahoo, MSN, various update features for random software, etc) else can connect. This is the first time I've had any major unsolvable issues with either program. I'd rather not reinstall XP, but if that's what it takes, I've no problem doing it. I reinstall XP every few months as it is, but this other than this one problem, XP is running fine so I'd prefer to not go through the hassle.

Anyway, if you can think of anything that you think I may not have tried or that you think may work, feel free to let me know. Until then I'm back using IE! *shudder*

In the meantime, consider medication. ;)

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Sexy 'swingers clubs' okay, Supreme Court rules*

Poll #638797 "Swingers" clubs

Read the link above and tell me if you agree or disagree with it. Discuss in the comments section.


I'm making this post public so please feel free to link to it in your journal or anywhere else. I'm assuming people commenting will converse as adults. Please don't prove me wrong. :P

I'd prefer people voted before reading my opinionCollapse ).

So there's my quickie (pun intended) opinion. Now tell me yours.

Thanks to bootlicks for the link.

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